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Higher Realms
San Carlos, CA

Design Your Higher Realms Life

So what is a Higher Realms Life? It is a life filled with the all qualities that are abundant in The Higher Realms: Qualities such as Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Grace, Light, and above all, Abundance. Imagine living a life that you love, where you wake up everyday doing the things that you love, being with people that you love most. This is the life that you deserve, that we all deserve.

I can introduce and help you learn to use Tools that help you create an extraordinary Higher Realms Life. These are Tools that I have used whose sole purpose is to help you increase your vibrational frequency. In my experience, your frequency is the key to using The Law of Attraction effectively. Some of the tools are easy to use, some require more effort or study on your part.

Designer Vibrational Jewelry

I also create custom extraordinary Vibrational Jewelry using unique and rare Crystal Gemstones that are not only gorgeous to look at, but feel wonderful when you wear them. The crystals were put on this Earth to remind us of the higher frequencies we have forgotten. Simply wearing the right crystal can sometimes remind us of who we really are!

Utilizing Sacred Geometry and High Vibrational Gemstones, each design is infused with the Energy of the Higher Realms and Divinely Activated to lovingly support you in this exciting time of accelerated change. Each design enhances the beauty and healing qualities of the Gemstone both visually and energetically.

Tools for Creating A Higher Realms Life

Unfortunately, there is no one tool, magic pill, or practice that will change your life instantly. However, on our pages I have included information on Tools that WORK, and continue to work for me today. Some Tools are easy to use, and some require more effort and/or time investment. If you really want lasting change, you have to decide that YOU are the most important person in the world and that you DESERVE the best life possible. Only then will the Tools that you choose to use be truly effective. And your reward will be a life that just keeps getting better and better! You're WORTH IT!

Enjoy your visit to Higher Realms. If you any questions at all, please Feel Free to email or call with any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Namaste.